Dreaming Again

I had hoped to finish describing my experiences in the village of Mengino, and the rest of my journey in Papua New Guinea, but it seems 2007 is the one that got away, at least for now. I will certainly be returning to Papua New Guinea, and my experiences there; it’s where I feel most at home.

In the meantime, 2008 continues to unfold with the promise of 2007. The contents page of the Dreaming Again anthology has been released, and it includes my second published piece of fiction, This is My Blood, which I wrote with Ben Francisco at the Clarion South Writing Workshop last year. It’s a first contact story, about a missionary priest who finds herself alone among blood-sharing aliens, and — thanks to Ben — the straightest story I’ve ever written.

The anthology features four of my Clarion South 2007 classmates(*), and three of our tutors(#), which is fantastic considering the anthology features many of the best Australian speculative writers. The anthology is a sequel to Dreaming Down-Under, which won the World Fantasy Award 10 years ago. Dreaming Again is released by Harper Collins in July — I wager I’ll be the last of the contributors to read it. I won’t get my hands on my copy until I get home to Australia for Christmas.

Between now and then, I’m walking the length of Japan, a project that’s consumed much of the past year in the planning, and my meagre writing output will be directed to our fourcornersofjapan.net site. I plan to write a haiku a day for the entire walk, as an exercise in observation and writing discipline; I may post the best of them here.

23 hours to take off…


DREAMING AGAIN, edited by Jack Dann

1. “Old Friends,” Garth Nix
2. “A Guided Tour In the Kingdom of the Dead,” Richard Harland
3. “This Is My Blood,” Ben Francisco and Chris Lynch*
4. “Nightship,” Kim Westwood
5. “The Fooly,” Terry Dowling
6. “Neverland Blues,” Adam Brown
7. “The Jacaranda Wife,” A. G. Slatter
8. “The Constant Past,” Sean McMullen
9. “The Forest,” Kim Wilkins
10. “Robots & Zombies, Inc.,” Lucy Sussex
11. “This Way to the Exit,” Sara Douglass
12. “Grimes and the Gaijin Daimyo,” A. Bertram Chandler
13. “Lure,” Paul Collins
14. “The Empire,” Simon Brown #
15. “Lakeside,” Christopher Green*
16. “Trolls’ Night Out,” Jenny Blackford
17. “The Rest Is Silence,” Aaron Sterns
18. “Smoking, Waiting For the Dawn,” Jason Nahrung
19. “The Lanes Of Camberwell,” Cecilia Dart-Thornton
20. “Lost Arts,” Stephen Dedman
21. “Undead Camels Ate Their Flesh,” Jason Fischer*
22. “Europa,” Cecily Scutt
23. “Riding On the Q-ball,” Rosaleen Love
24. “In From the Snow,” Lee Battersby #
25. “The Lost Property Room,” Trudi Canavan
26. “Heere Be Monsters,” John Birmingham
27. “Purgatory,” Rowena Cory Daniells
28. “Manannan’s Children,” Russell Blackford
29. “The Fifth Star In the Southern Cross,” Margo Lanagan #
30. “Twilight In Caeli-Amur,” Rjurik Davidson
31. “Paradise Design’d,” Janeen Webb
32. “The New Deal,” Trent Jamieson
33. “The Last Great House of Isla Tortuga,” Peter M. Ball*
34. “Conquist,” Dirk Strasser
35. “Perchance To Dream,” Isobelle Carmody

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