Hermit City

The new site is up! It’s called Hermit City and you can find it here: www.chrislynch.com.au/.

If you’re an email subscriber, your subscription should migrate to the new site. If you’re an RSS subscriber, you’ll need to update the feed address to:  http://www.chrislynch.com.au/feed. If you’ve linked to me, please change the link to http://www.chrislynch.com.au/.

All of the old posts are mirrored on the new site, but I’ll leave ‘hydrolith’ online for the time being.

Thanks to everyone who offered feedback on the blog–very much appreciated. The new coat of paint is accompanied by a shift in gears and some new topics, which will become apparent over the course of 2011, but travel, poetry, and the creative process will continue to be central.

Hope your 2011 is off to a positive start. See you over at Hermit City–and if you’re in Brisbane next month check out the Upcoming Event!

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  1. andy lynch says:

    Really enjoyed your new poems in “Brisbane New Voices”. The one that stood out was “Saiho-ji”.

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