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ringsIn June, I married Tara Horner. A white wedding sounded as appealing as shock therapy, so instead we opted for exchanging rings in a quiet civil ceremony with a grand total of two guests. Life is good. We designed the wooden rings ourselves, and cannot speak highly enough of the craft and service of Touch Wood Rings, who produced them.

Since then, we’ve both been reading the large pile of submissions for The Tangled Bank anthology, the first release for Tangled Bank Press. I was initially concerned I wouldn’t get enough submissions, but we’re closing in on 250 submissions, and there’s still another few weeks left before submissions close. If you write fiction or poetry, or create visual art, and are interested in evolution, then I’d love to see a submission from you. The number of submissions has meant I’ve already had to make a few tough decisions about stories and poetry that I liked but for whatever reason felt weren’t suitable for the anthology, and I’ve got plenty more ahead of me. I’m looking forward to sharing my discoveries at the end of the year.

With all the reading and editing, my writing has been on the backburner the last couple of months, but I’ve mapped out my Japan book and have made a solid start on several chapters. (Thanks to the dogged persistence of a friend keen to see them, I’ve also finally got round to uploading my photos from Japan to the computer and begun the daunting task of sorting through them.) I’m also studying poetry at the moment, and coincidentally have just had my first poem published, in a rather curious place: the world’s first anthology of zombie poems. The anthology is Vicious Rhymes and Reanimated Verses and the poem is ‘Natural Succession’, an ecological take on the ever-popular undead. I’ve never really thought of myself as a zombie connoisseur, but I’m looking forward to seeing what the other 90-odd poets have done. Should get my copy in the mail soon.

IMG_7988I’ll post more photos on the walk site soon, but in the meantime here’s one of my favourite spots on the entire walk, on a country road in northern Honshu at the foot of Gas-san.

Wet fern forest and a gravel road

plunging on.

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  1. benfrancisco says:

    The rings are *beautiful*, much lovelier than boring diamonds IMHO. (And I suspect the wood has no connection to people killing each other in fairly large numbers.) Felicidades once again to you and Tara!

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