New poems

I have a few new poems out: Return, in the latest issue of Cordite (edited by Omar Sakr and Fiona Wright), Monochromist, in the Poetry and Place Anthology 2015, and a couple of haiku in bottle rockets #35–my first haiku to be published internationally.

Thanks especially to editors Ashley Capes and Brooke Linford for the invitation to contribute to Poetry and Place, an anthology of clean lines, quiet spaces, and many wonderful poets. Among others, great to see Andrew Phillips‘s The Home Midwife in print.

Hermit City started out many moons ago as a travel e-mail list. More recently, I’ve mainly used it to self-publish haiku–or attempts at haiku at any rate! Not sure why the website took it upon itself to send out some old posts yesterday, but I don’t think I’ll be posting haiku here much any more. Thank you to everyone who read and commented on them over the years, I very much appreciate the feedback.

What this blog will be for in the future, I’m not sure. I’ve been quiet for a long while, and I expect to be quiet for a while yet as I wrap my head around life in a new city. After a year of change, I’m reading, writing, learning–I hope you are too.

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3 Responses to New poems

  1. Congrats, Chris! Particularly enjoyed your ‘Return’ : )

  2. Chris Lynch says:

    Thanks, Stuart! Really enjoyed ‘Fingal’–the boar image has stayed with me.

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