Poem 2011/22

obese woman holds
her little Betty Boop bag–
rush hour

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3 Responses to Poem 2011/22

  1. ashleycapes says:

    Another great ku, Chris. You must have a collection of haiku up your sleeve somewhere right?

  2. Chris Lynch says:

    Thanks, Ashley. Not really–they’re pretty much all on this site–although I am doing a weekly ginko with Graham Nunn at the moment and enjoying the discipline. Going to keep posting regular haiku for a while.

    Have you read Hosai Ozaki? Reading “Right under the big sky, I don’t wear a hat” at the moment and experimenting with one-line haiku. He’s amazing.

  3. ashleycapes says:

    Cool – I look forward to reading more as they come – and a future collection!

    No, not yet – though I did a quick search and have found a couple of translations, and wow – some especially blew me away:

    offering my umbrella my heart moves close


    Buddha grants me
    a few more days
    I do the washing

    Going to order the book, thanks for the introduction, Chris

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