Poem 2011/24

A-Z 2012
on my doorstep
the future

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3 Responses to Poem 2011/24

  1. ashleycapes says:

    Great ku, Chris – I remember getting a similar delivery and feeling almost bad for it, seeing as I often (like many of us doubtless) search numbers for businesses etc online

  2. Chris Lynch says:

    Hey, Ashley

    Thanks. Been a while. Been writing poetry, but between Hosai and Graham Nunn’s ginko, my ku is seriously mixed up. Seem to have switched from three to one liners and am no longer quite sure they’re really haiku! Hope you’re enjoying Italy.

    • ashleycapes says:

      Thanks, Chris – Italy was amazing, just unbelievable, I can’t wait to go back! I’ve barely stopped talking, thinking and writing about it since we came home.

      I wish I could get in on some of those ginko, might do a solo one if there weather picks up! I’ve found a similar problem with haiku and regular verse sort of dominating one another, rather than working in harmony of late, which is a shame really.

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