Speaking of the Void

A woman cries out in suburban silence:
punch perfectly punctuating silence.

Antarctica, 1231 A.D. Listen.
Shapes moving out on the ice. Silence.

He’s calling from Europe. The conversation
circles a canyon. Who would step into that silence?

On the ocean floor, a small fish with rows of teeth
nibbles a body bound and gagged to silence.

A man and a woman first meet in the flesh.
The sex is awful; they ponder profiles in silence.

A Geiger counter clicks and chatters to itself.
Driven mad by ninety nine years. Of silence.

I’m going to stop speaking soon. My contribution
to saving an endangered species: silence.


An example of the surprisingly difficult ghazal.

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2 Responses to Speaking of the Void

  1. kenny says:

    I like this. Reminds me of an animation called 9.

    -the sex is awful; they ponder profiles in silence-


  2. Chris Lynch says:

    Thanks, Kenny. Wanted to see 9, but missed it when it came out and haven’t got around to it yet.

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