Spring cleaning

The marsh frogs have moved back into my courtyard, and an obstreperous cricket into the plant next to my bed; spring is well and truly here. It even rained today.

Unlike the cricket, I’ve been quiet this year. Integrating, evaluating, working, writing a novella. I’ve been accepted into Clarion South, a 6-week boot camp for speculative fiction writers, which I’m really looking forward to. Six stories in six weeks! In other encouraging news, my story The Pluripotentiary made it onto the 2005 recommended reading list in The Year’s Best Australian SF & Fantasy.

I’m aiming to complete my novella, On the So-Called Nightwings, by the end of the year. Clarion will take me through to the end of February, 2007. A couple of months more saving, then I’m finally bidding Brisbane farewell and returning to Papua New Guinea, the land of my birth — and probably my muse. I’m walking the Kokoda Track, climbing Mt Wilhelm, canoeing up the Sepik River, and generally exploring the sun-drenched memories of my tropical childhood.

From PNG, Asia beckons. Lots to write about!


If you’re reading this as an email, it’s because you’re subscribed to my Yahoo group, which I’ve been posting to — intermittently — for the past five years. Yahoo’s getting rather decrepit, so I’ve transferred the whole lot over to a blog. Fear not — I’m not about to start emoting about my breakfast cereal. I just prefer the new layout, and it allows me to do a few more things.

The new site does mean, though, that if you’d like to keep getting my occasional musings on life and travel in your inbox, you’ll need to resubscribe. To do so, just go to hydrolith.wordpress.com, click on the link under my eyeball which says ‘Subscribe by email’, and enter your address. If you’d prefer not to get any more [hydrolith] emails, simply do nothing, and this is the last one you’ll get. Either way, drop me a line and let me know what’s new.


The cricket has mercifully fallen silent. It’s been weeks now — I didn’t think they lived that long…

Tired but chirpy,

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