The Tangled Bank: Love, Wonder, and Evolution

Poems are still being written, but I’m behind posting them because I’ve been busy with my latest project, The Tangled Bank: Love, Wonder, and Evolution. It’s consumed most of the last 12 months, and all of the last three months, but the digital editions are now online. (The print version will come out at the end of the month.)

I’m admittedly more than a little biased, but at $4.99 I think the anthology’s a fantastic deal considering you get 100, 000 words about evolution, including 24 stories from some amazing writers, plus poetry, artwork, and a couple of essays. Check out the darkly beautiful free story from Aurealis Award winner Christopher Green to see what I mean. You can find my introduction to the anthology on the site as well.

I’ll be popping up online in various places talking about the anthology over the next month or two. I’ve just been interviewed as part of the Australian Spec Fic Snapshot 2010, where I talk a little about the inspiration for the anthology. I’ll probably post a link summary here later on, but in the meantime you can keep track of Tangled Bank news on Tangled Bank Press’s Facebook group.

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