Underworked and overtired

17 June 2001 2:46am

Hi all. It’s been a while. Over a year in more than one case. I could come up with lots of poor excuses, but I won’t. Anyway, just as a few people dropped off my radar, a few others reminded me not to drop off theirs, so it seems my plans to disappear into obscurity will have to be put on hold.

Hmmm … what have I been up to? Writing plays mostly, and performing. After last year’s ill-fated philosophical thriller Mobius (several attempts to get it on stage have gone down in flames), I recently finished Requiem, about Life, the Universe & Everything and started on Threshold, dealing with teenage girls and ghosts. Been acting too – was rehearsing six nights a week earlier this year. In a couple of plays at the moment – Ebbed, a black comedy about Death, and a short version of Requiem, both of which will be appearing around Brissie the next few months. Ebbed won best play at a festival last weekend and I was just pipped for best actor, so that’s a good start.

Oh, and after months of computer errors and bureaucratic red tape I finally extracted two bits of paper from the university and graduated last month with degrees in journalism and ecology. Woohoo, yay, etcetera. We shall see what happens now – there are a few things on the burner. Whatever it turns out to be, I’m heading overseas next year for a Long Time. All these colourful emails from Africa, Europe and South America have me itching to get on a plane.

So I guess it’s a good thing I’m getting on one bound for USA in a few hours for a wedding. (No, not mine…) As long as I get around to finding my passport and packing my bag by then that is. It’s for less than two weeks and I shall have to prostitute myself to the Army when I return, but I’m sure it will be worth it (the trip, not the Army). Who knows, I may even send off one of my semi-humorous rants to everyone while I’m away. I was planning on getting my home page up by now so I could escape the country after exposing my secret double life as a crack addict, but as you can see by the time, I didn’t get around to it, so it shall have to wait until I get back.

By the way, my computer went down a while ago and I had to resort to a scorched earth policy – I lost everything. I’m pretty sure I’ve guessed the right email addresses, but if you don’t have a clue who I am, well, I guess I guessed wrong. Don’t hold that against me – we may turn out to be life-long friends! Then again, maybe you’ll just hit delete. I would…

Ja mata,

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